Monday, September 13, 2010

SMS Query to Find Remote tool initiated for a site in a specified time duration

SELECT distinct stat.RecordID, stat.MachineName,stat.ModuleName,stat.SiteCode,Stat.Component,stat.time FROM vStatusMessages stat
LEFT OUTER JOIN StatusMessageInsStrs ins ON stat.RecordID = ins.RecordID
left join v_StatMsgAttributes as att1 on stat.RecordID = att1.RecordID
stat.MessageType = 768 and
stat.MessageID = 30076 and
stat.SiteCode like '%' and
(stat.Time between '2010-08-01' and '2010-08-31') order by stat.Time desc


This query lists all the machines name from which a remote tool activity initiated through SMS Console. IN the date column replace the date range you want.


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