Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Quick check on the status of SMS Client machine

select a.Netbios_name0, a.Creation_date0,a.client0, a.ad_site_name0,a.Creation_date0,a.obsolete0,b.sms_installed_sites0 as 'sitecode',c.Lasthwscan
from v_r_system a
left outer join v_RA_System_SMSInstalledSites b on a.resourceid=b.resourceid
left outer join v_GS_WORKSTATION_STATUS c on a.resourceid=c.resourceid
where a.Netbios_name0 like 'machinenamehere'


This basic query will help you to get you a quick status of an SMS client machine. The report will tell you the SMS client agent creation date, client exists or not, whether it is active or not, The AD site it belongs to,whether it is marked as obsolete or not, The installed SMS Site Code, and the Last hardware scan date.


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